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World Wide Bridge Contest Set 7

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Players who have scored 430  on board 1

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Betty Kunkel & Donna Barbian
Pair (3)
v Doris Foltz & Sylvia Lowry
(at Abe Lincoln Duplicate Clu , USA )
Larry Richardson & Charles Zalar
Pair (6)
v Rosemary Dougherty & Betty Primm
(at Abe Lincoln Duplicate Clu , USA )
Herbie Rowley & Doreen Anthony
Pair (8)
v Magda Corser & Martin Page
(at Aberystwyth Bridge Club , Wales )
Jane Petering & Kathy Byrne
Pair (4)
v Michael Mezin & Elaine Chan
(at Adventures In Bridge , USA )
Freda Anderson & Sandra Gagnon
Pair (5)
v Bill Johnson & Janice Joerger
(at Adventures In Bridge , USA )


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