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ECatsBridge Test Area

ECatsBridge BBO Importer

Our system can convert the BBO nicknames to the Correct Player Name and any ID they have with the NBO if you send us the information as a spreadsheet beforehand.

Please enter the information below
* URL from BBO of First Traveller

Goto BBO ( you might be asked to login ) from this page and then select the event you played, this will take you to all the clubs that played, select your club boards link, this will take you to a list of the boards you played. Now select the fist board ( very important this ) and it is the URL of this first board that the system needs so it can import the travellers. For a graphical explanation take a look at this page
* ECatsBridge Event Session Number
* Club Name
ClubID ( if you have one)
* Your Email address
( so the system can email if your results have been imported or tell you the reason why if they haven't)
Your Name
* Your phone number ( we use this with your club name to produce a unique reference that the system can use, the number is encoded and does not appear on the web site, you can use any number but if you re-upload to make a correction you must use the same number otherwise a new club will appear in the results)
* Club Country
* Number of Boards Played ( so we know how many to import from BBO )
* All fields marked are compulsory
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